Learn & Remember the TOP 400
Most Frequent Italian Words

The essential course if:

  • You are a student of Italian
  • You are planning a trip to Italy
  • Have family and friends who speak Italian
  • Are planning on (or dreaming of) moving to Italy
  • Love all things Italian

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Recall and use over 400 Italian words
  2. Express your needs in Italian
  3. Understand more Italian!
  4. Know how to learn & recall even more words!

Why learn vocabulary?

Words are the focus of our conversations, so as you approach the Italian language, you'll quickly realize that you don't have to have perfect grammar or syntax to communicate; people will still understand you, as long as they know WHAT you are talking about, which is exactly what WORDS do.

Studies shows that, despite every language having thousands of words, speakers of a language (including Italians!) only use 600 to 1000 words for their everyday communications.

This translates into being able to understand between 60 and 80% of any given communication.

How will the course help me?

This course is built around the scientifically proven principles of Mnemonics and Time Spaced Repetition. 

Our memory is more likely to remember things if it can associate them to specific stories or events. That is why just reading a list of words in Italian will NOT work!

By spending as little as 10 minutes a day watching these videos, you will hear stories, crazy ideas, funny little things that your mind will associate to the words you are trying to learn. Revise these words after 4, 10 and 20 days to lock them into your memory. And you are done!

Whether this is your first contact with the Italian language, or whether you already know a little bit, your comprehension and communication skills will be enhanced by taking this course!

You will learn the most frequent (as in "recurring") words of the Italian language. This will dramatically enhance your chances of understanding Italians and of communicating with them! 

What's inside?

The course is made up of 35 daily Video Lectures, lasting between 5 to 10 minutes

For each lesson you get:

  • 12 new Italian words, from the list of most frequently used words
  • For each word you will learn pronunciation, meaning, and an easy way to remember the word
  • Downloadable PDF with the words & mnemonics
  • Downloadable audio (mp3) for the lesson


All my courses come with a full money back guarantee, for your complete peace of mind. Try this course and if you are not completely satisfied, just contact me, within a reasonable time, for a full refund.

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