Learn to Pronounce, Read & Write Italian in less than 3 hours!

If you:

  • like to eat at Italian restaurants
  • are planning a trip to Italy
  • are currently a student of Italian or will soon be
  • are an opera signer or musician
  • love all things Italian...

Then this course
is for YOU!

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Read any Italian word correctly
  2. Have great, easy to understand, pronunciation in Italian
  3. Write any Italian word that you hear

This is the most comprehensive course ever created on Italian pronunciation. No stone is left unturned and within just 3 hours you will be able to:

  • read any Italian word correctly
  • have great pronunciation
  • write any Italian word that you know or hear
  • be understood when you speak Italian
  • Progress more quickly to more advanced levels

We start with understanding what makes Italian easy to pronounce and why some things often trick you, when it comes to speaking Italian (but not after this course!)

We then have a close look at the 2 most important factors for an excellent Italian pronunciation.

We then practice all the sounds of the Italian language and help you master them, for that real, authentic Italian flare.

We'll also look in detail at tricky spelling scenarios, and clear all doubts about the pronunciation of words like 'bruschetta', 'prosciutto', gnocchi' and many others.

And we'll finish strong with understanding where to stress each word (Italian has no rules but I will share some tricks!) and how to speak entire sentences with the right intonation and cadence.

What's inside?

The course has 44 Lectures, built around 18 simple Core Lessons. 

For each lesson you get:

  • Instructional Video (Manu, your tutor, on camera, with whiteboard!)
  • Downloadable mp3 to take the lesson with you
  • Downloadable PDF with the Lesson Notes & Vocabulary list
  • Practice Video (interactive slideshow with the correct pronunciation of over 200 words in total)
  • Downloadable PDF of the Practice Video


All my courses come with a full money back guarantee, for your complete peace of mind. Try this course and if you are not completely satisfied, just contact me, within a reasonable time, for a full refund.

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